What We Do

2Spec specialises in working with classic cars  BMW and Truimph  vehicles. We can undertake full restorations, custom builds, engine swaps and driveline upgrades. 

We can perform Maintenance and servicing to keep your vehicle in top condition and also perform a recommission service to get your car back on the road or MOT ready. We can also collect your vehicle if required. 

2Spec can help you purchase your new classic and are able to advise as well as look at the vehicle if required. We can then help you get it back on the road or back to top condition all in one package to make the process as easy as possible. 

Building on our love and passion of historic Motorsport we can also build and prepare your vehicle for racing or rallying ensuring all rules and requirements are met. 

All work is accompanied with an online build file that can be accessed by the customer and also built upon as the car ages to build up a detailed history of the car. 

Custom kit car builds can also be undertaken covering strip down of donor vehicles, preparation and kit assembly to IVA standards.

We love working with these cars and we treat them with the respect they deserve and take great pride in getting them back on the the road where they belong and ensuring they live on for many years to come.

2SPEC Historic


We currently have two BMW 2002 complete restorations underway, a Dolomite Sprint restoration as well as our own E21 upgrade project.

Regular workshop work is undertaken as well as minor restoration and performance upgrades. 

We will be regularly posting progress and workshop updates on the Journal as well as our social media pages so keep your eyes peeled on what we get up to! 

If you are looking for a full restoration or custom build as well as workshop work please get in touch and disscuss your needs!