What We Do

2Spec Design focuses on innovative transmission concepts and solutions that are designed to solve problems as well as push boundaries in design and manufacturing. Highly collaborative and focusing on creating transmission and driveline solutions for niche and future vehicles, we work as part of government funded collaborative projects as well as our own 2Spec driven projects.

The knowledge and expertise we get from these research projects is then filtered down into our 2Spec motorsport transmission and driveline products ensuring we can deliver the best possible solution for any vehicle.

We are also well versed in government funded collaborative research projects and can help your project in many ways. We are experienced in creating consortium groups, writing project bids as well as starting and running small or large scale projects.

2SPEC Design


2Spec can also provide transmission design consultation to improve current designs by troubleshoot issues to increase performance and reliability. 

This is done by using a first principles approach and stripping back the design ensuring each area of the transmission is at its optimum.

Please contact us to go through your requirements.