Why We Do What We do……..

Why We Do What We do……..

Chris Hughes


2Spec was founded by myself and my Brother Paul, who like me has had a life long passion for all things mechanical. So as our first post it seemed a good place to start as to why we started the company and why we enjoy it so much! 

Bitten by the bug at an early age working on various old cars with our dad it soon developed into a full blown love for all things with wheels and engines.

Over the years between us we have worked designing Motorsport transmissions, worked on robotic control systems and ran transmissions research projects for a major OEM whilst all the time working on cars as a hobby.

Rally cars have been built, classic cars restored and re engineered with all being driven and competed in as much as possible.

2Spec Group like moist great things was born out of a conversation in a pub. Discussing a race car we wanted to build, we quickly realised that we had the skills and passion to start a multi discipline company with our love for engineering and design at its heart. (we had been there quite a while at this point)

2Spec then started to take shape and has moved from strength to strength. Our workshop embodies our passion for what we do and allows us to provide many different services under one roof.

We have built the company to be open and treat people the way we would want to be treated whilst at the same time injecting our passion and love for engineering, design and classic motorsport.

We major on the minor details, the often overlooked points that add up to our precision driveline components, our meticulous car builds or our detailed restorations. We also have this, our 2Spec journal where we get to share our love for the details as well as all things 2Spec.

We are always keen to discuss our passion so we are always happy to see people our workshop so feel free to drop in for a chat, whether its for a gearbox, a car build or just a coffee and a chat about cars. (we are always happy to do that!)


So why do we do what we do?...... 

Well…put simply, we love it! Cars, bikes, planes, trains, the lot. We have the bug and we have it bad….