Events: Sunday Scramble_Bicester Heritage

Events: Sunday Scramble_Bicester Heritage

The Sunday Scramble at Bicester Heritage has been on our to do list for a while now, the combination of classic cars, classic aircraft and aviation history ticks all our boxes.

The old WW2 bomber airbase is experiencing a new era to add to its amazing heritage with its new deployment as the UK centre of historic vehicles and aviation. The recipe is simple, bring together a whole site of complimentary companies that give amazing service and create a hub for lovers of all things classic engineering based.

To say we were excited was an understatement…..


With this in mind we set off early Sunday Morning as we also had some meetings planned whist there and really didn’t want to miss anything.

The sun was shining as we arrived which only served to lift the atmosphere of what is basically a classic car Mecca. Every which type of car and bike were spread out for admiration and drooling over.

Parking up we quickly made our way over to the rows of parked classics and our plan promptly went out of the window as we were drawn from car to car like kids in a sweet shop.Without knowing where to look first we made our way through the rows of until the air was shattered by the sound of a V8.

This pulled us in Like classic car zombies until we found the epicentre of this motoring earth quake. A formula 5000 was having its throat cleared, much to the delight of the rest of the zombies drawn to the ear splitting noise only a V8 with open pipes can produce. We happily stayed there for a while taking in the shock and awe.



With this still ringing in our ears we moved to the main part of the site and started to wander through the buildings and looking (with great jealousy) at the immaculately restored period workshops that were packed full of fantastic cars and brilliant companies that are passionate about their craft and love to chat about all things classic.

We met up with some customers for some informal meetings, taking this chance of being in the same place as well as making new introductions. We also spent a lot of time talking about classic cars which is never something we get tired of!

With coffee and cake consumed (something else we never get tired of) we continued to take in the sights and sounds of the event which was starting to quieten down, giving the perfect opportunity to get some more pictures whilst having one more nose around the cars we missed on our arrival.

We left the event with no question of our return for the next one in October, it is a seriously good day with a perfect laid back atmosphere that is about enjoying these great vehicles and the history of the site.

What the team at Bicester Heritage have and continue to create is a real boost for the industry we love, not only as traders but also as classic car freaks ourselves. Long may it continue….